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Discovering Puerto Baquerizo Moreno: An Introduction to the Enchanting City and Its Weather

By Isla Coventry, Posted on 12 May, 2021 at 06:29 am

Discovering Puerto Baquerizo Moreno: An Introduction to the Enchanting City and Its Weather

Welcome to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, a mesmerizing city nestled in the heart of the Galapagos Islands. This enchanting destination offers a perfect blend of natural wonders, rich history, and a delightful climate that beckons travelers from around the world. Whether you are an avid nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno has something to captivate every visitor.

A City Steeped in History

Before we dive into the vibrant present of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, it's important to understand its historical roots. Named after Ecuador's first president, General Leonidas Plaza, this city has a fascinating past dating back to its colonial era. During your visit, explore the San Cristobal Interpretation Center, where you can delve into the Galapagos' unique history, cultural heritage, and the conservation efforts that have made the islands a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Marvels of Nature

One of the most captivating aspects of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is its stunning natural beauty. Begin your adventure by visiting the renowned El Junco Lagoon, nestled within an ancient volcanic crater. Admire the picturesque scenery and keep an eye out for native bird species. Another must-see attraction is the Cerro Tijeretas viewpoint, offering breathtaking panoramic vistas of the city and its surroundings.

For wildlife enthusiasts, a visit to the Galapaguera de Cerro Colorado is a must. This breeding center for giant tortoises provides an up-close encounter with these magnificent creatures and offers valuable insights into ongoing conservation efforts.

Embracing the Weather

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is blessed with a delightful climate, making it an ideal destination to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The city experiences a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius (68 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit).

The warm season, from December to May, offers balmy temperatures and occasional rainfall, creating lush landscapes and vibrant flora. This period also provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, as the waters are teeming with diverse marine life.

The dry season, from June to November, brings cooler temperatures and occasional drizzles. It is the perfect time for exploring the city's attractions and immersing yourself in the captivating history and culture.


Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is a city that effortlessly blends history, natural beauty, and a welcoming climate. Whether you're seeking adventure, tranquility, or a deeper understanding of the Galapagos Islands' remarkable ecosystem, this enchanting city is sure to leave a lasting impression. So pack your bags, embrace the weather, and get ready to explore all that Puerto Baquerizo Moreno has to offer!

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